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As of November 2014, the Netherlands chapter has 229 members. Membership provides access to our bi-monthly member events with keynote speakers and extensive professional networking opportunities.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Netherlands chapter of the ACFE?

In order to become a member of the Netherlands chapter, you first have to register as an associate member with the global ACFE organization in the United States. Please ensure you register with a Dutch mailing address. This will automatically provide us with your contact information upon successful registration as an associate member. The last step in the process is to transfer the obligatory chapter membership fee (€20 for year 2014) to the Dutch chapter. The membership fee covers the expenses for organizing the member events and to pay for website maintenance. After your payment has been processed, you are officially a member of the Dutch chapter and we look forward welcoming you at one of our events.

The bank account to which you can transfer the annual membership dues is:

  • NL36RABO0156662264 c/o St. ACFE Netherlands Chapter in Amstelveen.

For your convenience, we also have a direct debit option available. Please email us in case you would like to use this option to pay your membership fee.

After receipt of payment, you will be provided with an email confirming the payment and your membership.